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Oh Dear..

I’ve been neglecting this blog terribly.

What have I been up to?
Trying to control my zoo, work, volunteering, sleeping, and sewing.
I’ve only been successful at about half of those things.  Can you guess which ones?

Recently (oh gosh it’s been a month now..) I took a Group Leadership Class with Amanda of Feisty Fido.  Amanda is an Edmonton area trainer who does dog training, classes, and runs our Sunday socialization group.  She’s moving to Ottawa soon, which is a bummer, but she’s training some pretty cool ladies to keep Feisty Fido going here.  The Group Leadership Class was really interesting.  It was a dog-free class where Amanda taught us the 8 Simple Rules of Leadership which helps us understand how to set rules and boundaries.  I’d been practicing most of the rules already (ok ok.. some only haphazardly) so it was pretty easy to implement what I’d learned.  Tomorrow I’m off to another class, Recall!  We have a bit of trouble with recall when there’s distractions around, though both dogs do fairly well at the dog park.. when they want to.  I’m looking forward to this class and will be taking Oliver since he’s more difficult.  :)

Work’s been work.  It’s not dog related so we’ll just skip that.

Volunteering!  I’ve been getting more involved with Rescue For Life (Look!  Our new website is up!) in pretty much whatever way I can.  I run their Tumblr, help out with screening adoption and foster homes, do a little bit of creative stuff, and wrangle dogs at events!  I’m taking in a foster tonight as well.  I love the organization and all the volunteers and supporters who donate their time and money to helping save lives.

Sewing has been almost non-existent.  This sucks, because Make-It is coming up soon and if I don’t have anything to sell, I won’t be making any money.  I promised myself I’d get my ass in gear this weekend though.  I’m donating a portion of my earnings from the event to R4L so I have to make it worthwhile!!

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Going here for a week.
G’s grandma is turning 80, so the family is having a big party for her.
I’m excited, but I’ll miss the zoo.
Kiva is at her old foster mom’s, and Oliver is at a friend’s.

Hopefully there will be some kind of update when I’m back :)

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Kiva is going in for her second set of shots at the end of the month.
I’m excited, because then she can start coming to socialization and we can go to the dog park!
She’ll make so many friends!  ..and if not, she always has Ollie.  :)

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